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Hellenic Union of Radio Technicians, ETER

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                                07.12.2006                                                      01-205                                                                                  

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Dear Colleagues,

The Consultative Council of Cultural Workers’ Unions, representing nationwide trade unions in the graphical, cultural, media, entertainment, arts and sports sectors in 13 countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, expresses its support for your strike action, which started on December 4, 2006.

We support your demand for equal and fair treatment for pension and social security rights. We join in your protest against the discrimination and in particular the attitude of the Labour and Social Protection Minister, Mr Savas Tsitouridis who refuses to include an amendment in a relevant proposed draft Law on pensions.

We call on the Greek Parliament to support the amendment, which is being forwarded and would enable all your colleagues to be accepted to the TSPEATH pension fund for media professionals and journalists.

Yours fraternally,

      Vladimir KAMEN
Deputy General Secretary